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circular economy

We offshore too much of our recycling, and don’t reuse our e-waste. We aren’t just wasting the materials we use, we are wasting an opportunity to create jobs and economic opportunities here. 

Transitioning to circular economies could generate $175 billion in direct benefit to the economy.

The Greens plan includes:

  • Provide $1bn for a nationwide compostable processing scheme supporting local councils to build industrial compostable facilities, which will make best use of our recycled goods, will create thousands of jobs, and help us live more sustainably
  • Invest $500 million over five years into infrastructure and programs to reboot recycling
  • Invest $50 million in waste avoidance and reduction research
  • Support the Right to Repair to minimise e-waste
  • Tackle plastic waste by phasing out key single use plastics and a national approach to container deposit schemes to encourage reuse