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We are in a climate emergency. It threatens the safety of people, our health, water, ability to grow food, and the air we breathe. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

If we continue to mine and burn coal, oil and gas, we’ll experience further economic losses, food, insurance and health costs will go up, and we’ll pay much higher energy bills. Over a million jobs in industries including tourism and farming are at risk. 

The climate crisis is caused by mining and burning coal & gas.

It’s simple, if you don’t have a plan to phase out coal & gas, you don’t have a plan for the climate crisis. 

Right now, the urgent action we need is being delayed because the Liberals and Labor take millions in donations from big coal & gas corporations and the billionaires who own them. In return those corporations get special treatment. Many of the biggest coal & gas corporations pay no tax and send their profit offshore tax free. 

The Greens can get on with taking climate action, because we don’t take donations from coal & gas corporations. 

With just a small change in the vote, we can kick the Liberals out, put the Greens in shared power and push the next Government to go further and faster on the climate crisis.

We’ll make big corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax to clean up the mess they’re making, fund the transition to 100% renewables and kick off a full-scale renewable export industry. 

Our fully-costed climate action plan will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, bring electricity costs down, and drive our economy into the future.


Read more about our plan for:

  • Coal and gas communities
  • Renewable homes and businesses
  • Climate impacts
  • Green manufacturing
  • 100% clean green electricity
  • More electric vehicles
  • No more coal and gas
  • No more dirty donations
  • Public transport and high-speed rail
  • Land restoration and carbon drawdown