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Dental and Mental Health into Medicare

The last 2 years have laid bare just how important a fully funded and functional public healthcare system is. As we begin to move into a post-COVID-19 world, it is important that we fight to expand our Medicare system to cover more of the procedures and services that so many of us rely on to live happy and healthy lives. As it stands, healthcare in Australia can be expensive. Out of pocket costs are rising and our public hospitals are increasingly underfunded. Medicare still doesn’t cover many important procedures and tests.

One of the biggest successes of the Greens/Gillard government was our fight to get dental for kids covered under Medicare. We won that fight and now we are calling for all dental and mental health care to be covered under Medicare.



Before this pandemic, too many Australians were missing out on mental health care. Now with months of lockdowns and uncertainty we have a mental health crisis. That is why the Greens are pushing for this ambitious plan to ensure everyone has access to the mental healthcare they want and need.

Our plan is designed to support people at every stage of their mental health journey:

  • Ensuring mental healthcare is fully covered under Medicare - so appointments are free.
  • Removing the limit on appointments with psychiatrist or psychologist
  • Changing the rebate so psychology and psychiatry providers are able to access the Medicare rebate. 

In the balance of power after the next election, we will fight for this and to:

  • Eliminate out of pocket expenses for life-saving diagnostics like x-rays and MRI scans.
  • Invest $4.7 billion over the decade into Medicare to guarantee a bulk-billing doctor in every community.
  • Scrap the private health insurance rebate and redirect this $6.5 billion into public healthcare.
  • Clear public hospital waiting lists for all elective surgeries in the next two years.


Australians deserve the best healthcare system in the world and universal access to it. Join the campaign to expand Medicare.