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Flight Sign

This campaign, we've had thousands of conversations with voters all over Brisbane. Time and time again, we've heard about the impact of unsustainable flight noise on the residents of our neighbourhood. For almost two years, the Brisbane community has been fighting against bad regulations, corporate greed, and a government that doesn't seem to care.

Show our community what you care about and what you're voting on with one of our dedicated "this house is voting for action on flight noise" posters. 

We only have a limited number, but are keen to get these out in visible areas across some of our most impacted neighbourhoods, like New Farm, Hamilton and Ascot

You can even host one of these alongside a regular Greens corflute come election time so your neighbours get the message of who you're voting for AND why. 

It's an incredibly powerful action and it really does change votes. We only need to change 1 in 20 votes to win Brisbane. Hosting a sign like this could make all the difference. 

Together we can do this.

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