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What to do when you see hateful material

White supremacists, neonazis and far right agitators will put hateful fliers in letterboxes and paste up stickers and posters spreading their racist messages around our city. 

They push messages to exclude or eliminate people they hate—LGBTIQA+ people, First Nations people, Jewish or Muslim people, migrants, disabled people and more. They are sometimes explicit in their hate and sometimes they couch their hate in codes, dogwhistles or innocent-seeming language like "asking questions". 

These people do not represent us.

They are few, they are weak and they are cowards. They do this to make you think they're bigger than they are. They want to get a reaction out of you. They want you to amplify their message with your disgust.

The vast majority of our community reject their hate.

The best way we can stop them spreading their hate is to not platform them. 

What can you do

If you see hate messages in our community, here's some things you can do:

  1. Do not post or amplify their messages on social media—even to condemn it.
  2. Take photos of the materials and check if there's any video recordings like a Ring camera or CCTV.
  3. Note down when and where you saw the material as well as which organisation it was created by.
  4. Destroy the materialincluding by removing or covering up posters in public. Be careful and never put yourself in an unsafe situation.
  5. Report the materials as "suspicious activity" using the Policelink reporting portal:
  6. Email the photos and notes to the White Rose Society, a collective of community anti-fascist researchers: [email protected]