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A community battery for New Farm

I am calling on the Minister for Climate Change and Energy to open the third round of Community Batteries for the Household Solar Program. This grant would support the installation of even more community batteries in Australia. Our community received $447,892 for the Newmarket battery and I want to see this opportunity extended to the New Farm community too, with locals suggesting a location near the Power House sub station.

New Farm is a lively and diverse neighbourhood with a strong focus on sustainability and renewable energy.

Community benefits from a community battery

  • Better Energy Security: a community battery can store extra energy from rooftop solar panels, ensuring a stable supply of electricity, even during peak times or power outages. Even better - it reduces the reliance on the main power grid.
  • Lower Electricity Bills: By storing solar energy, a community battery cuts household electricity bills, which is crucial during the current cost of living crisis.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: a community battery boost renewable energy use, cutting emissions and helping reach Australia’s carbon emission reduction goals .
  • Encouraging More Solar Power: It will motivate more residents to install solar panels, increasing the use of renewable energy.
  • Stronger Community Resilience: Local energy storage will boost community resilience against disasters and disruptions.
  • New Opportunities: Installing a community battery showcases New farm as a leaders in green investments, attracting more opportunities in local green initiatives and business opportunities. 

Let's work together to get a community battery in New Farm.