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My free community pantry

I have a community pantry at my office for people who need some help with food and groceries. This is available to anyone, anytime, no questions asked. 

With cost-of-living pressures only increasing, and while wages and income support payments have stagnated, more people than ever need a hand and there's no shame in that. Governments aren't doing enough, and I believe we need to build resilient and caring communities who can enact mutual aid in this current crisis and into the future.

Anyone’s welcome to come by and grab something — but we need donations to help keep it stocked.

We're always looking for long-life staples:

  • Canned food—especially beans, lentils and fish
  • Rice, dried beans or pasta
  • Cereal and biscuits
  • Instant meals like cup-of-soup, noodles or sachet pasta or rice.
  • Long-life milk and cordial
  • Toiletries and hygiene supplies—especially toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and tampons
  • Baby supplies like food pouches, baby wipes and nappies.

We also collect kids toys, books, clothes and luggage for Hope in a Suitcase. 

If you'd like to make a donation, drop by my office during business hours at 349 Sandgate Road, Albion QLD 4010.

Please no used goods, food past best before date or fresh food.