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First Nations Justice

Currently Australia lags behind other Commonwealth countries in failing to pursue a Treaty process with its First Nations Peoples. If we write a Treaty together, it can be the means to tell the story of who we want to be as a country, creating a national identity that celebrates what unites us, protects the rights of First Nations people and acknowledges the injustices, both past and present.

Treaty. Now.

We cannot change the past, but we can build a better future and that starts with bringing people together.

A Treaty is a written agreement between the Traditional Owners of the land – people who have been here from time immemorial – and the colonising state, that imposed its authority upon First Nations people without negotiation or consent. There can be no peace without justice. Treaty would bring that peace. It would end the suffering and heal the wounds. 

Treaty will ensure Aboriginal people’s voices are counted. It can be a process that benefits all Australians, and be a platform to address many of the pressing issues we face as a country – protection of land and water, tackling the climate crisis, and addressing growing economic inequality.


Caring for Country

For tens of thousands of years, First Nations people cared for Country, we must follow their lead. But by disregarding First Nations science and land management we’ve seen a breakdown of ecological systems. These breakdowns and harms to biodiversity have been linked to a disregard of First Nations environmental science, and the implementation of imported and harmful practices.

The Greens will:

  • Strengthen laws to protect First Nations heritage
  • Expand Indigenous Protected Areas that are owned, cared for and managed by First Nations people
  • Triple funding for First Nations ranger programs: $767m taxed from billionaires, big polluters and big corporations. They can afford to Pay the Rent and work with us to heal Country, for everybody's benefit

First Nations people have cared for lands and waters, including their totems, for tens of thousands of years. They have the wisdom and knowledge to heal and care for Country. This plan gives the resources to the people who know best.


First Nations Health

First Nations peoples continue to see huge inequality in health outcomes as a result of decades of systemic racism. We must put the power of decision making in the hands of the people these policies affect. Self-determination is fundamental to equality.

The Greens will:

  • Provide $370 million to self-determined, community-led First Nations health services.
  • Ensure people have early access to preventative programs and provide funding of $1.06 billion to build First Nations owned healing places.
  • Grow the First Nations health and wellbeing workforce.


Join the fight for Treaty here.